and my heart sang

My daughter is in grade 12 this year…we’re busy filling out college applications, planning grad celebrations and the whole shebang and this does make me happy.  What makes me even happier is this… I taught Sara to knit waaaaaay back in grade 7… she took to it naturally and whipped off a good 6 inches or so on her first attempt,made lots of happy noises while doing so… and that was the end of it, her beautiful ball of yarn was placed on her dresser beside the Mimsilater, a now long lost rat of yesteryear.  The Mimsilater enjoyed admiring the beautiful yarn so much that she put in a little effort and moved it into her cage, turning it into the bed of her dreams. That was it, that was all, that was Sara’s stint with knitting…until…this!


We were binge watching Greys Anatomy, me happily knitting something, how could I not be knitting? Her doing something on her phone, when completely at random she asks, “can I knit something”?  IT MADE MY HEART SING! Many shades of crazy ran through my head(being the knitter that I am I have been telling myself continually that “she has the knowledge, she’ll come back to it…) I recall muttering something about muscle memory, and rhyming off a bunch of great yarn qualifiers, but then I saw her face…realizing that I was on borrowed time I quickly ran to the room that houses all of the yarn(with the exception of the stuff that’s escaped to other regions of the house),I selected some of the biggest boring beige(her choice,not mine) yarn, along with appropriate needles…I cast on for her, showed her how to do the knit stitch and within the span of all of 35 seconds she was off to the races!! Muscle memory is a beautiful thing. I didn’t get my hopes up at this point, I’d been down this road before and wasn’t going to be pulled in quite so easily this time. I played it nonchalantly and watched her quietly from my end of the couch. She knit through the rest of the day, continued for a second and a third day and then she was done! She was done her scarf! I magically turned it into a cowl for her and she has worn it several times since, receiving compliments and proudly announcing her great part in creating it with her own hands!! It really did make my heart sing.  Oh! and just to make me even more joyful, she’s talking about her next project!!!


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