Wovember Words: branks, yokes, pokes or bjoags?


Last week TEAM WOVEMBER featured sheep bells in Wovember Words. This prompted Louise to look into something touched on in Stella Sutherland’s poem (also last week) with the Shetland Ewe wearing her “hard triangle of sticks”. 

As a small child I was often surrounded by sheep on our croft on Bressay and was quite familiar with their comings and goings, dipping and clipping, what they looked like in the park and on the plate, and so on. At around age 10, I was astonished to see a sheep wearing a wooden collar. Thinking she was surely in some predicament I asked my granny to help it only to be told the collar kept her in the park, rather than going through fences.
Over the years I have seen quite a few sheep wearing these collars, but I never really wondered what they were called until I posted Stella’s poem….what was that…

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