Madly off in all directions…or how I ended up here

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Towards the end of 2013 I determined a number of things…that my world was most definitely a knitterly one, and that although I work in a wonderful yarn shop I needed to take my knitting to the next level. I set myself the task of “looking into the Master Knitters Program” and perhaps doing “some sort” of blog ~ and that was that. There it stayed, a crazy,wonderful completely mad idea that was swirling around my noggin periodically rattling my brain and asking to be released…Just before the clock struck twelve to indicate the new year I toyed with different ways that I could get organized,ways that would make my knitting whims and things appear productive. In my head the lists and schedules and due dates I created were truly spectacular, I was going to be the knitter like no other knitter had ever seen, in my head all was shiny and sparkly and warm and wooly ~ this is probably where I should mention that I am not a finisher. I have no issues what so ever with not finishing. I have absolutely no qualms about ripping back well established projects and quite happily moving onto the next brighter shinier project and all of its lovely newness! On the upside of this and in my own defence I can safely and proudly say that I am a techniques girl. I am a process knitter and I love the thrill of the chase. Figuring out the how’s and the why’s and all the little intricacies make me very happy indeed. I really needed to figure out how to meld my technical world with my love of creating … This is where I love you and leave you and reassure you that I do have a wonderful plan in the works and that I have allowed it to step outside of my head. Over the next few days as I continue to go off madly in all directions I will share the beginnings of what I think will be a very amusing adventure…